Thursday, April 8, 2010


For months, those who haven't been living under a rock (and some who have) have been listening to the Tiger Woods scandal unfold. The man shook his stick around for years, chased street trash around the Holiday Inn like he was Chingy, got caught, and has spent the past few months rehabbing/rebuilding/signing up for more private cell phone plans/getting tested/etc. I'm not so much concerned about that part.

What I am concerned about is the general public's attention to today's opening round of the Masters. Tiger chose this stage to start his comeback tour, and people have bought into it hook line and sinker. For weeks, all I've heard from different news reports is that everyone is going to watch in exciting anticipation and see "what Tiger does next." Allow me to save you the suspense: he's going to play golf! If your mind didn't just explode, allow me to continue. Tiger Woods has been playing golf for almost 14 years. And he's been doing it quite well. And when he takes the 1st tee at Augusta National, he's gonna do it again. Why is everyone packing into ESPN Zone wondering what's gonna happen? Are people expecting him to pop Ambien and sleep on the course? Are they waiting for him to take a random patron and bang her out as well? Why do people think something outrageous is going to happen?! The news today went to ESPN Zone and had this exchange with a woman there:

Reporter: "How is it to watch Tiger Woods again?"
Woman: "Really exciting. I can't wait to see what he does next."
Reporter: "Have you ever watched golf?"
Woman: "No. It's kinda boring otherwise."

You've got to be kidding me. As much as I would love for Tiger to pull a Happy Gilmore and toss a beach ball around or sign some breasts before teeing off, it's just not going to happen. This is the same sport that people have been watching (or actively ignoring) for years. AND it's the one sanctuary Tiger has left. Think less about what you think Tiger's feeling and use common sense. It's golf, not the WWE.

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