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Euro 2012 Qualifiers

First off, I want to apologize for not writing in a while and for interrupting my best of the 90's posts, but I just finally read my brothers Premier League breakdown. First off, I want to commend him for a great piece of writing, and I felt I would keep up with his soccer motif and write about the Euro 2012 qualifiers. Outside of the World Cup I would have to say that the European Championship is the most exciting competition in the world (yes, more than the Summer Olympics). Europe has the best concentration of talented soccer countries in the world, which was reflected in the 13 teams their continent sent to the world cup in 2010 (the next best continent, Africa, sent 6, including hosts South Africa).

Like the World Cup, The European Championships are held every four years, and teams face a grueling qualifying campaign that began this past September for most countries (Estonia and Faroe Islands had a qualifier in August, but neither country played in the World Cup), and runs through next October. For those that are familiar with the qualifying process for UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) teams for the World Cup, it is a very similar process for the Euros. The main exception being that 16 teams participate in the Euros and 13 qualified for the World Cup (starting in 2016, 24 teams will participate in the Euros). The countries are drawn into into 9 groups according to power rankings. The group winners and best runner-up will automatically qualify, and the remaining eight runners-up play a home and away playoff. In the playoffs the team who wins on aggregate score goes through. If the aggregate score is tied, the winner is determined on away goals, then a penalty shootout.

Every team has played at least three qualifiers to this point, and there have been some real shocking results, as well as some great underdog stories. I will go into a few brief game summaries, followed by the current group standings and my predictions for where teams finish.

Here are a few upsets by round that stood out before I post the current tables:

First Round:

First, was France losing to Belarus in Paris 0-1. The troubled French squad hoped their disastrous World Cup saga wouldn't carry over into the Euro qualifiers, but this loss did little to settle the French about Les Bleus. Belarus have been in good form to this point, (fun fact about Belarus: they are the only country in Europe to be on the US Treasury List of sanctioned countries).

The next shocker was a 4-4 draw between Portugal and the island nation of Cyprus who were ranked 63rd in the world at the time (they jumped 20 positions following the result), compared to Portugal's 8th.

Second Round:

First, was The Czech Republic coming off of a disappointing World Cup qualifying campaign losing to Lithuania at home. The Locomotive, as the Czechs are affectionately known to their fans...insert clever pun about derailment here.

Second, was Portugal losing on the road to surprising Norway. The 1-0 result has propelled Norway in their group hoping to earn themselves a spot in the competition for the second time in the nations history.

Third Round:

Slovakia had a surprisingly strong World Cup qualifying campaign in which they clinched an automatic berth ahead of The Czech Republic and runner-up qualifiers Slovenia. A 3-1 thrashing in Armenia was a surprising result the Slovaks hope won't keep them out of another major competition.

Serbia was another team who had a strong qualifying campaign leading into the World Cup, finishing ahead of France. Serbia lost at home to Estonia, also by the score of 3-1.

The next result was a tie between Northern Ireland and Italy in Northern Ireland, a nil nil draw.

Fourth Round:

Turkey got trounced by Germany 3-0 the week before they were slated to play Azerbaijan. The Crescent-Stars of Turkey hoped this would be a good bounceback, but their nightmare continued in a 1-0 loss in Azerbaijan.

England looked to continue their strong qualifying against Montenegro at Wembley, but were frustrated despite outplaying The Brave Falcons, whose performance truly lived up to their name. In fact, they almost stole three points, but a late effort rang off of the crossbar leaving both sides with a point after a 0-0 draw. Even more impressive is that Montenegro is tied with England atop the group with three wins and a tie.

That does it for the upsets, but I wanted to mention the fact that after 6 minutes in the Italy Serbia game, the match was abandoned due to crowd control issues (namely, masked Serbian fans straddling the glass and throwing flares onto the field. If you get the opportunity, check this out on youtube. UEFA are investigating the incident.

Standings (All teams have played four games unless noted otherwise)

Group A
Germany (12 Pts)
Austria (7 Pts)*
Turkey (6 Pts)
Belgium (4 Pts)
Azerbaijan (3 Pts)*
Kazakhstan (0 Pts)

Germany should run away with this group. Look for Turkey to have a strong last six games and finish second, but don't count Austria out with a 1 point lead, and a game in hand over the Turks.

Group B
Russia (9 Pts)
Ireland (7 Pts)
Armenia (7 Pts)
Slovakia (7 Pts)
Macedonia (4 Pts)
Andorra (0 Pts)

This is an intriguing group where every team has at least one loss. No team has shown any real dominance. Armenia have been the surprise team, and Ireland have only taken 1 point from their last two matches against Russia and Slovakia, they will need at least 4 pts from those two countries in their next matches to avenge their heartbreak in World Cup qualifying. My Prediction is Russia barely winning, Ireland second, with Slovakia third, and Armenia falling a distant fourth despite a surprising first four games.

Group C
Italy (8 Pts)
Slovenia (7 Pts)
Estonia (6 Pts)
Serbia (5 Pts)
Northern Ireland (5 Pts)*
Faroe Islands (1 Pt)**

Italy have not lost yet, but they also haven't buried their opponents. They tied Northern Ireland and were given a tie by UEFA for failing to control the crowd in their match against Serbia. Despite poor play by Italy in the World Cup, this group should be a cake walk for them, look for Italy first, and Serbia second despite a poor start.

Group D
France (9 Pts)
Belarus (8 Pts)
Albania (5 Pts)
Bosnia Herzegovina (4 Pts)*
Romania (2 Pts)*
Luxembourg (1 Pt)

France needs to continue to play well after their loss to Belarus. Belarus have shown that they are dangerous, and Bosnia and Herzegovina made it to the playoff leg of qualifying for the World Cup, but lost out to Portugal. France will take this group barely ahead of a surprising Belarus side.

Group E

Netherlands (12 Pts)
Hungary (9 Pts)
Sweden (6 Pts)*
Moldova (6 Pts)
Finland (0 Pts)*
San Marino (0 Pts)

Netherlands didn't lose one qualifying game for the World Cup, and lost in Extra Time to Spain in the World Cup Final. They will easily take this group, which has no other country that qualified for the World Cup. Sweden will finish second.

Group F

Greece (8 Pts)
Croatia (7 Pts)*
Georgia (6 Pts)
Israel (4 Pts)
Latvia (4 Pts)
Malta (0 Pts)*

Greece had a rough showing at the World Cup after an impressive playoff win over The Ukraine. Croatia had a lackluster qualifying effort in the World Cup, but are undefeated to this point in the Euro qualifiers. Croatia will finish first and Greece will finish second, no other teams will pose a threat in this group.

Group G

Montenegro (10 Pts)
England (7 Pts)*
Switzerland (3 Pts)*
Bulgaria (3 Pts)*
Wales (0 Pts)*

This is one of the toughest groups. Montenegro are playing great ball and England are one of the world's best. Switzerland are much better than they have played and Dimitar Berbatov and Bulgaria are no pushovers. England were unlucky not to defeat Montenegro, as they outplayed the Brave Falcons. This is not to say Montenegro are not a formidable opponent, they have beaten everyone else in the group so far, and showed some serious courage drawing with England at Wembley. England will finish first and Switzerland will barely edge out Montenegro.

Group H

Norway (9 Pts)*
Portugal (7 Pts)
Denmark (6 Pts)*
Cyprus (1 Pts)*
Iceland (0 Pts)*

Norway have been impressive so far getting the maximum 9 points in three games. Portugal are in trouble, but are no where near out of it. Look for Norway to get an automatic bid for finishing first continuing in their impressive form and Denmark and Portugal to battle out for second, but Portugal coming out on top.

Group I

Spain (9 Pts)*
Czech Republic (6 Pts)*
Scotland (4 Pts)
Lithuania (4 Pts)*
Liechtenstein (0 Pts)*

Spain appear unstoppable at the moment as should have little trouble winning this group. A young Czech Republic side with some veteran leadership shouldn't have many more mistakes like their loss to Lithuania on their way to a second place finish.

*Indicates team only played three matches so far
**Indicates team has played five matches so far

I will try to update this as the rounds progress.

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Seriously ?

This is a trailer for a show on the Animal Planet. A show that apparently has been on for one season already (I have no idea how), it is called "Pit Boss" and I'll let the trailer do the talking.

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Promising Trailers

Keep an eye out for these movies to hit your local theater.



"Get Low"

"Nowhere Boy"

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Nike's version of the Madden Curse

I don't know if you saw the 3 minute commercial that Nike debuted before the World Cup (why they created a 3 minute commercial I'm not sure), but it seems that it helped seal the fate for many of the star players in it. The video, called "Write The Future," featured international soccer stars such as Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Wayne Rooney, among others. Now, as the World Cup continues on to the Quarterfinals, it seems that none of these players are actually left in the tournament (Ronaldinho didn't even make it to South Africa)! Below I've included the original, kick-ass video (which costs about $30 million to big deal or anything) as well as a funny fan video that outlines this phenomenon. John Madden would be proud.

Props to Jeff Klein for pointing out this situation, but I felt it too good not to share.

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A Beginner's Guide to the English Premier League

When the United States got knocked out of the World Cup, most Americans were resigned to the fact that they will not watch another soccer match until June, 2014. That is when the next World Cup kicks off in Brazil. For those Americans who want to continue watching the beautiful game at its best, this post is for you. This post will help beginners dive into the wonderful world of English Premier League Football. It is a team by team breakdown of sorts. It will help you to find the club that suits you best as a fan.

The Recently Promoted:

Blackpool F.C.

Briefing - The Seasiders are the biggest surprise of the three newly promoted team. Despite finishing 6th in The Championship (the second highest league in England), Blackpool won the play-off in dramatic fashion to find themselves in the EPL. Blackpool plays their home matches at Bloomfield Road, a small stadium that can has a capacity of 12,555.

Redeeming Quality - They are going to come into this season as one of the biggest underdogs in recent history, could make for a nice story.

Buyer Beware - Becoming a fan of any newly promoted club is a risky call. Especially with Blackpool, who are not expected to have a very long shelf life in the Premiership. However, if one does choose 'Pool as the team of his or her liking, they can look at Stoke City for an example of a team that has stayed in the Premiership after most thought they'd go right back down.

West Bromwich Albion

Briefing - Since 2000, the Baggies have been back and forth between the Premier League and The Championship several times. They are having trouble finding their place in top flight football. Under former Italian international, Roberto Di Matteo, Albion hope to finally find that elusive niche.

Redeeming Qualities - Besides having a great nickname, Albion also have an intense rivalry with two premiership sides, Aston Villa and Wolverhampton.

Buyer Beware - Can not find a way to stay in top flight football.

Newcastle United

Briefing - Newcastle had never been relegated from the Premier League until 2009. After a debacle of a season that was filled with ownership issues, managerial problems, and terrible play, the Magpies found themselves in The Championship in 2010. They showed why they had never been there before though, and earned automatic promotion in record time.

Redeeming Qualities - One of only a few teams in the North of England, the Toon Army is a great fan base with few bandwagoners. They have a great rivalry with Sunderland, and were spotlighted in a movie called Goal: The Dream Begins.

Buyer Beware - Definitely not the most stable of clubs at the moment.

The Pack

West Ham United

Briefing - West Ham is one of five teams that play their home matches in London. They also have one of the great developmental academies in all of the EPL. Because of this they are known as the "Academy of Football." They have been in the Premiership since gaining promotion in 2005, but have not finished above 9th since.

Redeeming Qualities- The developmental academy is definitely something to brag about. Like Newcastle, the Hammers also have been featured in a motion picture. The movie Green Street Hooligans focused on the club's notorious hooligans. Playing in London can't hurt either.

Buyer Beware - West Ham finished one spot above the relegation zone in the 09/10 campaign. Also, Robert Green - the goalie now known for his gaffe against the USA, is the goalkeeper for West Ham.

Wigan Athletic

Briefing - The youngest club in the Premier League (formed in 1932), Wigan Athletic have been in the top flight since 2005. While this is their only spell in the top division, they have shown that they can hang and have not really shown any signs of letting up.

Redeeming Qualities - Their nickname, The Latics, is pretty fly. They have a pretty intense rivalry with Bolton and play in Manchester.

Buyer Beware - Wigan had the lowest average attendance in the EPL. They also lost two games by more than 8 goals last season, a 9-1 dismantling to Tottenham and an 8-0 drubbing versus Chelsea.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Briefing - Wolverhampton are playing their second straight season of Premier League Football. They play their matches out of the city of Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. They finished 15th in the 09/10 campaign.

Redeeming Qualities - Wolverhampton is a pretty cool name for a city. They have a cool nickname, Wolves, a great kit, and a wild history of hooliganism. Lastly, Marcus Hahnemann, an American goalkeeper, plays for Wolves.

Buyer Beware - Although Wolves did stay in the EPL last year, they haven't shown yet that they are going to be able to stay in the top division.

Bolton Wanderers

Briefing - Bolton have been in the Premier League since 2001. They play their home matches at Reebok Stadium in Greater Manchester.

Redeeming Qualities - Bolton have players from Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and the United States on their roster. They have been around the top flight for a long time now, and are a stable club.

Buyer Beware - Bolton have spent a total of 71 seasons in the top flight without ever winning a championship, most of any club. With Manchester United and Manchester City nearby, they do not get much attention from the media.


Briefing - Sunderland are one of the northernmost teams in the EPL. They play their home matches at The Stadium of Light. Since Niall Quinn took over the team, they have had an influx of Irish players, sometimes being called "Sund-Ireland."

Redeeming Qualities - Awesome nickname. Awesome kits. Awesome stadium name. They also have a raucous fan base. Big rivalry with Newcastle that culminated in several Sunderland fans making fake bids to buy Newcastle when they were put up for 100 million pounds.

Buyer Beware - They haven't finished above 13th since being promoted in 2007.


Briefing - Fulham are another one of the clubs that play out of London. They play their home matches at Craven Cottage. They lost in the UEFA Europa League Final in extra time to Atletico Madrid this past season. They have been in the EPL since 2001.

Redeeming Qualities- Besides having a cool nickname, The Cottagers, Fulham are notorious for signing American players. Brian McBride captained the team in the past, and Clint Dempsey is a current fan favorite.

Buyer Beware - Have flirted with relegation while in the EPL. In 2007/2008, they got by on goal differential. Fulham have a rivalry with Chelsea, and they are usually on the wrong side of the rivalry.

Stoke City

Briefing - Stoke were promoted two seasons ago and were picked by bookmakers all over to go right back down. However, the Potters surprised everyone and have finished mid-table in both of their seasons in the EPL.

Redeeming Qualities - Stoke have a lot going for them in our eyes. Especially for new fans looking for a team they could call their own. They have a great stadium, a great nickname, a great kit, and a general likability about them. They have a great fan base and regularly sell out Brittania Stadium. The Potters also have one of the most infamous firms, a firm is a hooligan group or militia, called the Naughty Forty. In 2003 the BBC described Stoke City as having "one of the most active and organised football hooligan firms in England".

Buyer Beware - The Potters have only been in top flight football for two years, so they still are not cemented in the EPL.

Blackburn Rovers

Briefing - Since 1995, only one team not named Manchester United, Arsenal, or Chelsea has won the Premier League. That team? Blackburn Rovers.

Redeeming Qualities - Blackburn have been in the Premier League since 2002. They have a solid manager in Sam Allardyce and a great captain in Ryan Nelsen. They have bitter rivalries with Man Utd., Man City, and Bolton.

Buyer Beware - Blackburn have not shown the same promise since the '95 title. They also have the worst attendance record in the EPL, which has a lot to do with the fact that it is very hard to get to Ewood Park, their home grounds.

Birmingham City

Briefing - The Blues were promoted before last season. They not only staved off relegation, something they had trouble doing in the past, they surprised many and finished in 9th place, their best since 1951.

Redeeming Qualities - Birmingham City have a lot of momentum coming into the new campaign. They have a great fan base, called the Blue Noses, which is pretty cool too.

Buyer Beware - Still only one season fresh off their promotion, one has to tread carefully with the Brummies.

The Challengers


Briefing - The Toffees are my favorite team, and have been since 1998 when I took a liking to the EPL. They play their home matches in Liverpool at Goodison Park. Because of this, they have a great rivalry with Liverpool, known as the Merseyside Derby.

Redeeming Qualities - Everton are known as "The People's Club." They are not the most successful club, but they own the longest streak of playing in England's top flight at 108 years. Everton has one of the best managers in the game in David Moyes and also have one of the best academies in the league. Their goalkeeper, American hero Tim Howard, is one of the tops in the league. Add one of the league's most passionate fan bases to all of this, and you have a great club.

Buyer Beware - Everton never seem to have the resources to make that final push into the top 4.


Briefing - Liverpool are the most successful team in English Football. They have won more trophies than any other team in England.

Redeeming Qualities - Liverpool are one of the most famous clubs in England. They are well represented around the world with many fans in every part of the world. They also have a great captain in Steven Gerrard.

Buyer Beware - Big time bandwagon. The Reds finished a disappointing 7th last year.

Aston Villa

Briefing - After Everton, the Villains have been in top flight football the longest of any other team at 100 years in a row. They play in Birmingham and are the most successful team in that city.

Redeeming Qualities - Villa is one of the teams that have no threat of a band wagon, and also are not really a threat to be relegated. They have solid a solid rivalry with Birmingham City called "The Second City Derby."

Buyer Beware - Nothing too bad here other than the fact that they can't make that final step into the top 4.

Manchester City

Briefing - Known as Manchester's "other team", the Citizens have been working hard, and spending harder to make sure that moniker disappears soon. With a rich Sheikh owner, City has bought some of the biggest names in football in the past few years.

Redeeming Qualities - Definitely one of the most talented teams in the league. They have a fierce rivalry with Man Utd. Every game is an adventure to watch with City, because of all their talent.

Buyer Beware - They have decided to start buying rather than developing are quickly turning into one of the league's biggest villains.

The Top 4

Tottenham Hotspur

Briefing - Spurs are another London team and play their home matches at White Hart Lane. They have qualified to play in the UEFA Champions League for the upcoming campaign.

Redeeming Qualities - Playing Champions League Football certainly is a plus and Spurs are the only team in the Big 4 that won't have a big bandwagon. Being a London team, Tottenham gets a good deal of attention from the media. They have a fierce rivalry, known as the North London Derby, with Arsenal.

Buyer Beware - Spurs fluctuate within the league and are known as one of the more inconsistent clubs.


Briefing - The Gunners have won 13 titles in the top division. They have also won 13 FA Cups. They are another one of the London sides. They play their home matches at Emirates Stadium in North London.

Redeeming Qualities - Arsenal seem to be the most well-liked of any of the "Big 4" by fans of other clubs. They have a lot of young talent which they develop and run a solid, classy club. They do have a loyal fan base.

Buyer Beware - Big time bandwagon and a lot of "pseudo" fans.

Manchester United

Briefing - The most recognizable name in the EPL. They have won the Premier League more than any other side, and have one of the best coaches of all-time in Sir Alex Ferguson. Their home ground, Old Trafford, is one of the most recognizable stadiums in the world.

Redeeming Qualities - They win. A lot.

Buyer Beware - Don't even think about it.


Briefing - The Blues are the defending Premier League and F.A. Cup champions. They play their games at Stamford Bridge in London.

Redeeming Qualities - They aren't Manchester United.

Buyer Beware - Bandwagonry!

There you have it. The 20 English Premier League teams broken down, and simplified.

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The World Reacts

Dear Ghana and the World,

The Yanks Are Coming.

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We Deserve This.

Citizens of the World,

We deserve to be happy. And the following will make us happy!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled Oil Spill/Greek Economic Travesty/North Korea & South Korea about to go to war/Jamaican Drug War/Kyrgyzstan Ethnic Cleansing/

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World Cup Predictor

With the world cup kickoff less than twenty-four hours away I am going to make my predictions for the tournament. I am going to take into account qualifying, injuries, and friendlies leading up to the world cup.

World Cup Predictions:

Group A:

In this group, are host nation South Africa, France, Uruguay, and Mexico. Conventional wisdom would have most people saying France should come out on op of this group with Mexico and Uruguay battling out for the second spot. This year, however, France saw a lackluster qualifying campaign, barely eeking by Ireland in a playoff that will remain one of the most controversial games in World Cup qualifying history. This game may also lead to the institution of instant replay or extra officals in future qualifiers. All this and the fact that France lost to 82nd ranked China at home have the French very nervous about their chances in the group stage. Mexico are one of the most dynamic and dangerous squads in the world right now. Their fast paced play and relentless attack have the potential to beat most countries in the world. They have had one of the most rigorous friendly schedules in the world with games against Chile, England, The Netherlands, and Italy. Three of those four matches were played in Europe where North American teams traditionally struggle. El Tri lost close matches to England and the Netherlands, but then shocked Italy 1-0. They also beat Chile at home before these games. Uruguay are a wildcard, they have played very few tune up matches, and squeaked into the World Cup after a playoff with Costa Rica. They netted three away goals against a staunch Swiss defense en route to a 3-1 win, and beat Israel earlier this week. No host country has ever failed to exit the group stage. A few short months ago not many people expected Bafana Bafana to have any chance at getting through the group. With new coach Carlos Alberto Parreira the South Africans will look to keep this trend going. They have strung together wins against Guatemala, Colombia, and most recently a dark horse Danish side. Look for Bafana Bafana to feed off of the home energy to get through with a 1-1-1 record.


1. Mexico 3-0-0
2. South Africa 1-1-1
3. France 0-1-2
4. Uruguay 0-2-1

Group B:

This group will see a more clear cut frontrunner, but the second spot is up for grabs. Group B includes Argentina, Greece, Korea Republic, and Nigeria. Argentina are the heavy favorite in this group despite narrowly winning the fourth and final qualifying spot in a much anticipated match in Montevideo, Uruguay between bitter rival countries. Led by one of Argentina's most beloved players Diego Maradonna, people have questioned his coaching ability with all of the qualifying struggles. Since qualifying for the World Cup Argentina have had a number of soft tune up matches, but also beat Germany 1-0 on the road. Greece were another European playoff winner over the slight favorites, Ukraine, but they have not won a match since. The Pirate Ship have followed their currency into the dumps losing matches to Senegal and Paraguay and they tied North Korea who are the lowest ranked team in the tournament. Nigeria also played a friendly against the North Koreans, but were 3-1 victors. They also racked up ties against Saudi Arabia and Colombia. Nigeria are playing on their home continent, so look for a slight edge against their competition. The final team in this group are South Korea, who have been disappointing since their improbable semifinal run on home turf eight years ago. They have shown some promise in qualifying matches with wins against Ecuador, and an away win against continental rival Japan. They also dropped an embarrassing game to Belarus, but bounced back last week with a close 1-0 loss against power house Spain. Every year a powerhouse limps into the tournament only to dominate competition, and I believe that team will be Argentina this year. They should easily win this group. Greece will in all likelihood finish last unless they can turn their countries economic woes into a rallying point. It will be a very interesting battle for second and third between Nigeria and Korea, with the last game coming between these two countries, it really could go either way, but I feel like the fast paced Nigerians will be able to break through the methodical South Koreans.


1. Argentina 3-0-0
2. Nigeria 2-1-0
3. Korea Republic 1-2-0
4. Greece 0-0-3

Group C

For Most Americans this is the most important group. It will include England, Algeria, Slovenia, and the United States. England are the favorites in this group. They dominated qualifying in their European group, and have shown no signs of slowing down in their tune up matches. The only real dark spot is losing Rio Ferdinand who was slated to be Captain after the very public stripping of John Terry as a result of an affair with a teammates former girlfriend. The English people are hoping that the Three Lions can finally hoist their second cup after a forty-four year drought. The English will look to their talented striker Wayne Rooney and level headed, playmaking Captain Steven Gerrard to lead England to this lofty goal. The United States are coming off of one of their most disappointing finishes in the country's limited World Cup history. They were highly overranked going into the tournament (fourth in the world), but will look to bounce back with a bevy of young talent, who up until very recently looked rather disorganized following their runners-up finish at the Confederations Cup one year ago. The come from behind victory against Turkey and convincing win over Australia are showing that the Americans mean business. The only question will be whether the weakened U.S. defense can hold up against their opponents. Algeria have not performed well of late, but had surprisingly strong campaigns in their previous two world cups. This included one of the more controversial exits in World Cup history in which West Germany and Austria cooked up a scheme to allow the two nations to advance on goal difference sending the Algerians packing. As a result of this game, final matches in the group stage have to be played at the same time. The Algerians will more than likely finish fourth, but don't count them out as they beat one of the most decorated African sides, Egypt, to qualify. The Slovenian side will be eerily reminiscent of the Czech Republic from four years ago. They had a stronger qualifying campaign than many anticipated, and beat heavily favored Russia to book their trip. They have not played a strong tune up schedule, but will have the advantage of playing Algeria in their opening match. Look for the first game between England and the U.S.A. to decide the winner of this group, and if England does win, do not count out the Slovenians especially since the English will in all likelihood go into the final match not having much to play for.


1. England 2-0-1
2. U.S.A. 2-1-0
3. Slovenia 1-1-1
4. Algeria 0-0-3

Group D

One of the tougher groups out there, Group D contains Germany, Serbia, Ghana, and Australia. Germany are the heavy hitting favorites out of this group, but they have lost gritty veteran Michael Ballack to injury. Germany's only real test in getting ready for the world cup was against Argentina at home where they lost an 0-1 result. The Germans still have a strong team, but do not expect them to trounce their competition. Ghana was a surprise in 2006 to exit the group of death, but were also considered a dark horse to get out of the group. They held their own beating the Czech Republic and United States after an initial loss to Italy. They are also missing their star in Michael Essein. Ghana has had a lackluster qualifying campaign, enduring a 4-1 thrashing at the hands of the Dutch, and a loss to European playoff losers Bosnia-Herzgovina. They did have a win over Latvia, but losing Essein may prove to be a serious blow. Serbia had a trememndous qualifying campaign beating France for the automatic berth in their group. Qualifying has been somewhat of a rollercoaster for the Serbs, but their last game will provide hope with a win over Cameroon. Australia's Socceroos had a great 2006, losing out to eventual champions Italy, in a controversial match. The Socceroos have a very large team, and a serious attacking threat in the embodiment of Tim Cahill. They put together a very steadfast back, and are very dangerous on set pieces as a result of their size. Germany should come out of this group on top, but it will not be a cake walk. The second spot will go to the hungriest team. It will be interesting to see the very attack minded Serbia and Ghana go against the strong defense of Australia.

1. Germany 2-0-1
2. Australia 2-1-0
3. Serbia 1-1-1
4. Ghana 0-0-3

Group E

This is another one of the more clear cut groups, but more often than not, the groups that seem simple turn in some of the most shocking upsets. Group E includes The Netherlands, Cameroon, Japan, and Denmark. The Netherlands have been one of the best footballing countries in the world, and were it not for their propensity for underachievement in international competition I think many would be saying that the Dutch and Brazilians would be the odds favorites to win the Cup. Wins over The United States, Mexico, Ghana, and Hungary in friendlies have shown that the Dutch are in top form after dominating their group in qualifying, winning every game and conceding only two goals. Cameroon have not won a friendly leading up to the World Cup, but have had some very encouraging and close matches against quality opponents including, but not limited to tying Italy 0-0, a closely contested 3-4 loss to Serbia, and a 1-3 loss to Portugal. Look for Cameroon's high powered, fast paced offense to feed off of the energy of playing on their home continent. The Danes are one of the dark horses of the tournament and are led by the longest tenured coach in the World Cup, Morten Olsen. Although their qualifying campaign has not been what they would have hoped for look for the Danes led by Nicklas Bendtner to pose a threat. Japan have lost most of their qualifying games leading up, and are looking to be the odd man out in this group. The last time they made it out of the group stage was as the co-host eight years ago, losing to Turkey in the round of 16. Look for the Netherlands to move forward with a plethora of talent as they try to shake the ghosts of past iniquities. Cameroon and Denmark will fight for second with Cameroon making it through on their home continent.


1. Netherlands 3-0-0
2. Cameroon 2-1-0
3. Denmark 0-2-1
4. Japan 0-2-1

Group F

This group has defending Champion Italy alongside New Zealand, Slovakia, and Paraguay. Italy could not have asked for a much easier trip back to the knockout stages than this group. Slovakia and Paraguay are both great sides, but neither pose the kind of threat Italy do. Italy are defending their world title with one of the best keepers in the game in Gianluigi Buffon, as well as one of the best defenses in the world. The Azzurri will run through this group with few problems despite a sloppy friendly campaign leading up to the World Cup with a loss on European soil to Mexico and a tie with Switzerland. The Slovaks stunned their qualifying group including their former countrymen the Czech Republic. The Slovaks handily defeated Costa Rica and tied Cameroon in friendlies. The match against Paraguay will in all likelihood determine who moves on with Italy. Paraguay qualified ahead of Argentina in South America finishing third in their group overall (behind Brazil and Chile respectively). Paraguay have beaten Greece and only narrowly defeated North Korea leading up to the World Cup. They drew against Ivory Coast and lost to Ireland. New Zealand were the Oceania group winner now that Australia have moved into the Asia group. New Zealand will in all likelihood finish last in this group, but don't expect them to get pushed around as they have faired well against a number of strong teams including a 1-0 victory over Serbia.


1. Italy 3-0-0
2. Paraguay 1-1-1
3. Slovakia 1-1-1
4. New Zealand 0-0-3

Group G

The group of death; this group includes Brazil, Portugal (two of the top three FIFA ranked teams in the world), Ivory Coast, and Korea DPR. This group includes three teams that many people would say have a realistic shot at challenging for the title, and one of them will not even make it out of the group. It was eight years ago that Portugal didn't get out of their group, but four years ago they lived up to the hype with a fourth place finish. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most dynamic players in the world, and has the ability to control the flow of a game. He also gets very emotional when he plays though, and if he takes himself out of the game emotionally it could spell disaster for Portugal. Brazil are the most dominant footballing nation in the world, they have won the most world titles (5), and have three players coming off of a the European Champion Squad. They are the favorites to win the tournament in the eyes of most. Ivory Coast was dealt a really tough blow earlier this week as Didier Drogba went down with a fracture in his arm. He told teammates he would not be able to play, but there is some optimism he may be able to play in some capacity. The cards unfortunately are stacked against them as if they were in any other group they would be able to get through group play and have Drogba join up in the knockout phase. Even if they had Korea DPR in one of the first two games it would be better, but it is their last match. Don't count this team out, but without Drogba they are missing considerable firepower. Korea DPR are a shocker to be in the tournament, but they have performed surprisingly well in their qualifying matches. They have had close losses to Nigeria and Paraguay (3-1 and 1-0 losses respectively). They have also tied hosts South Africa and the reeling Greeks (currently ranked 13th in the world). Conventional Wisdom would have Brazil and Portugal to move on, but the Elephants of Ivory Coast are a great squad, and I think they could put together wins against Portugal and Korea DPR.


1. Brazil 2-0-1
2. Ivory Coast 2-1-0
3. Portugal 1-1-1
4. Korea DPR 0-0-3

Group H

The final group in the World Cup has the reigning Europeans, Spain, with Chile, Honduras, and Switzerland. This is another group that sees a powerhouse country with two (maybe an outside shot at three) teams who will be hotly contesting the second place position. Spain have been as dominant as ever culminating in a 6-0 dismantling of Poland yesterday. They do not have as easy of a trip to the knockout phase of the tournament as Italy do, but it would be a huge upset if they did not at least pass the group stage. Chile finished second in qualifying, just behind heavy favorites Brazil in South America, and are a very dangerous squad. Chile's only real test during the friendly schedule was Mexico, which ended in a 0-1 defeat. They have won every other match during their tune up phase. The Swiss are an enigma they have the ability to be contend against some of the best countries in the world, as shown when they won their group in Germany in 2006 (with France in it) and in their 1-1 draw with Italy, but they also didn't make it out of the group phase when they co-hosted the European Championship two years ago. The Swiss are built on a strong defense and methodical ball movement, as many European squads are. If Switzerland can keep Spain close in match one look for a close match against Chile, but if their first game gets out of hand look for them to fold. Honduras landed their automatic berth when the United States scored a late winner against Costa Rica in qualifying. Honduras have not faired well in matches leading up to the World Cup, but never count a gritty side like theirs out.


1. Spain 2-0-1
2. Switzerland 2-0-1
3. Chile 1-2-0
4. Honduras 0-0-3

Since these are only predictions I will reserve in depth analysis for the knockout phase until after the group stage is complete. I will just write in my predictions for winners.

Mexico vs. Nigeria
Argentina vs. South Africa
England vs. Australia
U.S.A vs. Germany
Netherlands vs. Paraguay
Italy vs. Cameroon
Brazil vs. Switzerland
Spain vs. Ivory Coast

Mexico vs. England
Netherlands vs. Brazil
Argentina vs. U.S.A.
Italy vs. Ivory Coast

England vs. Netherlands
Argentina vs. Ivory Coast

Argentina vs. Netherlands

Winner= Netherlands

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Watch Out Red Coats

Things That Go Well Together Part 6

Today we bring back our exclusive series called "Things That Go Well Together." Today's pairing is inspired by a relatively new trend, especially in urban areas.

People Toting Dogs In Hand Bags


A Firing Squad

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Look what you've done, Taylor Lautner

I admit, I am a cynical person. There are a few things that anger me that probably shouldn't anger most people. HOWEVER, if this doesn't anger you, I don't know what will. I mean, is it funny? Of course it is. 16 year old kids think they're werewolves and wear fake tails! Did you hear the girl say that gangs are just posers?! Their stupidity is hysterical! I was laughing right up until the part where they said the kid cut the head off of his neighbor's dog and carried it around with him. How is that acceptable?!?! That's not a "kids will be kids" kind of thing. Killing small animals is the first sign of a serial killer! And how is that mom like "it takes courage to be this way"? That's not courage! It takes a clear set of issues to be that way! With a little dose of Twilight. God I hate Twilight...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The World Cup: A Guide To The World's Largest Sporting Event

On June 11th the world will stop what its doing for a month and turn its attention to South Africa as the World Cup kicks off with a match between South Africa and Mexico.
Here at The Common Room, we love the beautiful game. We love everything it represents, especially on the national level. However, we do realize that in the US, it is much harder to follow than baseball, football, or basketball. Since soccer doesn't get much attention from the sports media here in the states, we are here to help you, our loyal readers with a guide to the World Cup. Today we are going to start with a little background on the 32 countries in the tournament.

Group A

South Africa
Fun Fact - Host Nation
Colors - Green and Yellow
Nickname - Bafana Bafana (The Boys)
FIFA Ranking - 90th
Coach - Carlos Alberto Parreira

Colors - Red, Green, White, and Black
Nickname - El Tri
FIFA Ranking - 17
Coach - Javier Aguirre

Colors - Blue, White, and Red
Nickname - Les Bleus
FIFA Ranking - 10
Coach - Raymond Domenech
1998 World Cup Champions

Colors - Light Blue, Black, and White
Nickname - Charruas (Indigenous People of Uruguay)
FIFA Ranking - 18
Coach - Oscar Tabarez
1930 and 1950 World Cup Champions

Group B

Korea Republic
Colors - Red, Blue, and White
Nickname - Taegeuk Warriors (Taegeuk is the Korean equivalent of Yin and Yang)
FIFA Ranking - 47
Coach - Huh Jung Moo (really.)

Colors - Blue and White
Nickname - The Pirate Ship
FIFA Ranking - 12
Coach - Otto Rehhagel

Colors - Blue and White
Nickname - La Albiceleste (White and Sky Blue)
FIFA Ranking - 7
Coach - Diego Maradona
1978 and 1986 World Cup Champions

Colors - Green and White
Nickname - The Super Eagles
FIFA Ranking - 20
Coach - Lars Lagerback

Group C

Colors - Red and White
Nickname - The Three Lions
FIFA Ranking - 8
Coach - Fabio Capello
1966 World Cup Champions

United States
Colors - Red, White, and Blue
Nickname - The Yanks
FIFA Ranking - 14
Coach - Bob Bradley

Colors - Green, Yellow, and White
Nickname - Zmajecki (Dragon)
FIFA Ranking - 23
Coach - Matjaz Kek

Colors - Red, White, and Green
Nickname - Les Fennecs (The Desert Foxes)
FIFA Ranking - 31
Coach - Rabah Saadane

Group D

Colors - Red, White, and Blue
Nickname - The White Eagles
FIFA Ranking - 16
Coach - Radomir Antic

Colors - Red, White, and Yellow
Nickname - The Black Stars
FIFA Ranking - 32
Coach - Milovan Rajevac

Colors - Green, Yellow, and Blue
Nickname - The Socceroos
FIFA Ranking - 20
Coach - Pim Verbeek

Colors - White, Black, and Red
Nickname - Die Mannschaft (The Team)
FIFA Ranking - 6
Coach -Joachim Low
1954, 1974, 1990 World Cup Champions

Group E

Colors - Orange, Blue, and White
Nickname - The Oranje
FIFA Ranking - 4
Coach -Bert van Merwijk

Colors - Red and White
Nickname - Olsen's Eleven
FIFA Ranking - 35
Coach -Morten Olsen

Colors - Red, White, and Blue
Nickname - Samurai Blue
FIFA Ranking - 45
Coach -Takeshi Okada

Colors - Yellow, Green, and Red
Nickname - The Indomitable Lions
FIFA Ranking - 19
Coach - Paul Le Guen

Group F

Colors - Blue and White
Nickname - The Azzurri
FIFA Ranking - 5
Coach - Marcello Lippi
1934, 1938, 1982, 2006 World Cup Champions

Colors - Red, White, and Blue
Nickname - Guaranies (Indigenous People of Paraguay)
FIFA Ranking - 30
Coach - Gerardo Martino

New Zealand
Colors - White and Black
Nickname - The All Whites
FIFA Ranking - 78
Coach - Ricki Herbert

Colors - Blue and White
Nickname - Repre
FIFA Ranking - 38
Coach - Vladimir Weiss

Group G

Colors - Blue and Yellow
Nickname - The Samba Kings
FIFA Ranking - 1
Coach -Dunga
1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002 World Cup Champions

Cote d'Ivoire
Colors - Orange, Green, and White
Nickname - The Elephants
FIFA Ranking - 27
Coach -Sven-Goran Eriksson

Colors - Red, Green, and White
Nickname - Seleccao de Quinas
FIFA Ranking - 3
Coach - Carlos Queiroz

North Korea
Colors - Red and White
Nickname - Chollina
FIFA Ranking - 106
Coach - Kim Jong-Hun

Group H

Colors - Blue and White
Nickname - Los Catrachos
FIFA Ranking - 40
Coach - Reinaldo Rueda

Colors - Red, White, and Blue
Nickname - La Roja
FIFA Ranking - 15
Coach -Marcello Bielsa

Colors - Red, Blue, and Gold
Nickname - La Furia Roja
FIFA Ranking - 2
Coach - Vincente del Bosque

Colors - Red and White
Nickname - Schweizer Nati
FIFA Ranking - 21
Coach - Ottmar Hitzfeld

Thus concludes the first part of our World Cup coverage. We leave you with the Official Theme Song for World Cup 2010.

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Twas The Night Before The Lost Series Finale

There is going to be a huge hole to fill in my life at 11:30 PM tomorrow night. More on this in the upcoming week. For now, sit back and enjoy the last few hours we get to spend with Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, Ben, and everyone else. It has been a wild ride.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The London 2012 Olympic Mascots. Maybe its a good thing the world is ending shortly after.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The 90's: A Television Love Affair

The nineties were a great time to grow up as a child, period. Television became a pseudo babysitter during this time, and almost another member of the family whose sole purpose was to entertain children to the point where they became hypnotized into mindless drones watching their favorite shows. The nineties gave rise to all kinds of tremendous programming, from cartoons to action shows to kids’ game shows there was always something great on television before and after school.

Cartoons during this time really set the bar for future programming for children. Nickelodeon, which was founded as pinwheel in the late 70’s, really garnered major success throughout the 90’s. Shows like Rugrats, Doug, Rocco’s Modern Life, and later on Rocket Power entertained children across the country. These shows were on the Leboff family television on a regular basis. Whether it was mindless bathroom humor like in Rocco’s Modern Life or tales of friendship and hard times as a student on Doug there was something for everyone. Cartoon Network was born in the early nineties as well. This channel originally started to recycle old cartoons such as one of my personal favorites, Scooby Doo, on a 24/7 basis has enjoyed wild success and now has its own original programming as well as a timeslot for the high school/college age crowd with adult swim. Two other shows I will mention in the cartoon category are The Real Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles originated as a comic that turned into a cartoon series followed by a number of movies whereas Ghostbusters originated as two wildly popular movies that turned into a series in the late 80’s and early 90’s. These two shows along with Scooby Doo (which was actually a product of the 70’s) were my favorite shows of this decade. I would parade around in my backyard catching (hopefully) imaginary ghosts as Dr. Ray Stantz or fight New York City’s evildoers as Leonardo.

This decade also gave rise to a number of great reality game shows for children. Every kid our age dreamed of bringing home a piece of the crag, getting slimed, or getting a pie in the face on one of Nickelodeons tremendous game shows. Marc Summers was a household name hosting both What Would You Do and Family Double Dare. Family Double Dare probably cracked my top three favorite shows in this category. Everyone always sat on the edge of their seat hoping that the families would supersede the double dare into the physical challenge. The other two shows that cracked my top three, in no particular order, were Legends of the Hidden Temple and Guts/Global Guts. Guts itself was great, but when the producers of the show decided to have kids compete for their native countries, the stakes really jumped up a notch. Mike O’Malley and Moira Quirk were really an unbeatable combination. The one last show I will bring up in this category as an honorable mention was Wild ‘N Crazy Kids. The ridiculous activities that these kids got to perform on television were the envy of every kid that watched the show, hosted in part by, my boy, BrOmar Gooding.

Finally, and most importantly, the one kid’s action show I will bring up in this section is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This show was so cool that it saved the g at the end of Morphin to put an extra g in ganggster. I honestly don’t think I know one person that didn’t watch this show. Everyone loved tuning in to watch the power rangers kick some butt (I said butt because I wasn’t allowed to say ass in the 90’s) every Saturday morning. Every week they would take on some new monster sent to Earth from outer space by Rita Repulsa. Looking back on this show the only thing more entertaining than the monsters and putty patrollers the team fought was the lack of any politically correct tact in giving the rangers their colors. Walter Jones (a black man) was the black ranger, Thuy Trang (an Asian woman) was the yellow ranger, David Yost was the blue ranger (not too politically incorrect, but he was a dude who got the color blue), Amy Jo Johnson the hot girl was the pink ranger, and Austin St. John (who has native American heritage) was the red ranger. It is safe to say that if Rev. Al Sharpton watched this show he would have turned his pants into the brown ranger. Much the same as Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, everyone had their favorite ranger in this show that they would pretend to be when playing in the backyard, and would fight who got to save Kimberly (the pink ranger played by the super fine Amy Jo Johnson). This show was everything a kid could ask for before it was bastardized into a thousand new age spinoff shows with new characters.

The ‘90s really were a tremendous decade for television. From cartoons to game shows to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers I will always revel in the incredible programming of this Era. I will always get nostalgic when I see my old proton pack or ninja turtle outfit. Here is a preview of the next topic...

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Things That Go Well Together Part 5

Today's Picks

The Zoo


Greek Women

There is no better place for overly obnoxious women, then the zoo.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I think this man ROCKS!

"A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes."

I simply love this guy. Go Ghandi!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things That Go Well Together Part Four

This is inspired by me looking at facebook pictures.




Monday, April 12, 2010

Things That Go Well Together Part 3

Today's installment of Things That Go Well Together is inspired by the show I went to last night.

Scene Kids


A Guillotine

Friday, April 9, 2010

Things That Go Well Together Part 2

Today's pair are two completely unrelated, yet wonderfully compatible things. They work well together on several levels, and can make a bad night turn into a good one real quick.

Sixpence None the Richer



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Things That Go Well Together Part 1

Today marks Part 1 of the series "Things That Go Well Together." From now until the forseeable future, I will be posting two things that go well together, and these posts won't be the typical, peanut butter and jelly. These will be things that people may not think of when they think of the great duos in life. Think of it as a sort of advice column.

Today's Couple:

Bugles and Slurpees


For months, those who haven't been living under a rock (and some who have) have been listening to the Tiger Woods scandal unfold. The man shook his stick around for years, chased street trash around the Holiday Inn like he was Chingy, got caught, and has spent the past few months rehabbing/rebuilding/signing up for more private cell phone plans/getting tested/etc. I'm not so much concerned about that part.

What I am concerned about is the general public's attention to today's opening round of the Masters. Tiger chose this stage to start his comeback tour, and people have bought into it hook line and sinker. For weeks, all I've heard from different news reports is that everyone is going to watch in exciting anticipation and see "what Tiger does next." Allow me to save you the suspense: he's going to play golf! If your mind didn't just explode, allow me to continue. Tiger Woods has been playing golf for almost 14 years. And he's been doing it quite well. And when he takes the 1st tee at Augusta National, he's gonna do it again. Why is everyone packing into ESPN Zone wondering what's gonna happen? Are people expecting him to pop Ambien and sleep on the course? Are they waiting for him to take a random patron and bang her out as well? Why do people think something outrageous is going to happen?! The news today went to ESPN Zone and had this exchange with a woman there:

Reporter: "How is it to watch Tiger Woods again?"
Woman: "Really exciting. I can't wait to see what he does next."
Reporter: "Have you ever watched golf?"
Woman: "No. It's kinda boring otherwise."

You've got to be kidding me. As much as I would love for Tiger to pull a Happy Gilmore and toss a beach ball around or sign some breasts before teeing off, it's just not going to happen. This is the same sport that people have been watching (or actively ignoring) for years. AND it's the one sanctuary Tiger has left. Think less about what you think Tiger's feeling and use common sense. It's golf, not the WWE.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The 90's: A Music Love Affair

There is so much incredible music that came out of the 1990's. From the rise of the Spice Girls, Boy Bands from New Kids on the Block (who were formed in the late 80's, but won their first music award in 1990) to the Backstreet boys, N sync, 98 Degrees and beyond, Good hip hop, to my personal favorite 90's Alternative. Bands such as Spin Doctors, Better than Ezra, Dishwalla, The Goo Goo Dolls, Eve 6, and one of the best bands of the decade; Third Eye Blind. I am yet to meet a teenager from this decade who did not like this band, their music was awesome, and although we may not have understood the menagerie of drug references in Semi-Charmed Life it is still one of my favorite songs of all time.

Pop really saw its rise during this decade with boy bands. They played to the hearts of teenage girls (and sometimes boys) with their lyrics and made you feel like they were only talking to you. The Spice Girls gave you a little more of an in your face up beat type of pop. Girls loved the in your face attitude and guys loved Posh (or Ginger if you're into redheads). This time period also saw the rise of pop artists such as Usher, Mariah Carey, J-Lo, and the blonde pop sisters (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and Mandy Moore). As popular as this genre was only one "pop" artist stands out in my mind as a good artist from this group, and that is Alanis Morissette. Jagged Little Pill stayed in the top 20 on top 200 billboard hits for over a year. With songs like "Ironic" and "Hand in my Pocket" that everyone could enjoy.

Hip Hop also saw its roots grow in this time and really evolved very quickly. From MC Hammer to The Beastie Boyz to Biggy and Tupac to Jay-Z's humble beginnings Hip Hop really earned its place in the music spotlight on the 90's. The most important Hip Hop artists of this time were definitely Biggy and Tupac. These two stars wrote tremendous music that was only eclipsed by their unfortunate demise due to the East Side West Side gang violence.

One of the most influential and groundbreaking bands of this decade were Nirvana. Nirvana who were formed in the late 80's, but made it big in the 90's with their huge hit "Smells Like Teen Spirit" off of Nevermind, their second album. Their grunge 90's alternative style saved rock music from whatever distortions had popped up during the 80's. Alternative rock from this time period is probably one of my favorite genres, period. Everything about this music continues to enrapture me, even today. As happens with most bands many only had one hit album or song that really caught on, and they disappeared from the limelight after their fifteen minutes (or 3-4 minutes) of fame dissipated. Bands that fit this bill include Semisonic with "Closing Time," Marcy Playground with "Sex and Candy," and The Verve with "Bittersweet Symphony." There are a number of bands from this time period who did bridge the gap from the 90's to the new millenium. Artists such as Blink 182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Goo Goo Dolls, and Counting Crows continue to make insightful music While their hits from the 90's are still very popular.

After I finish the series of posts on the nineties, I will try and assemble lists of top tens for each category.

Here is a little preview from my next 90's topic:

Monday, March 29, 2010

Before I continue my love affair with the 90's story a friend sent me this article which I thought everyone would enjoy

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The '90's A love Affair

With the new decade only a few months old, I am going to take a trip back to my personal favorite decade, the 1990's. When the clock struck midnight on December 31, 1999, it sounded the birth of the new millennium, but it was also the death toll for an incredible decade, the last millennium seriously went out with a bang. Now that I have lived through another full decade, I have to express how much the 1990's meant to me. I am pretty sure that my brother Michael has written about the 90's already, but I would like to affirm how much that decade kicks the crap out of every other decade.

It could have to do with the fact that the 90's were the time of my childhood,the time period that took me from age 4-14, but I loved almost everything about this decade from snap bracelets to the first time I ever really followed the NCAA Tournament. I am going to look at the 90's from a number of different perspectives, from music, to pop culture, to sports, videos games, movies, TV shows, and more. Every few days or at least once a week I will try and add a different topic. For now I will leave you with a tremendous 90's classic from Snap!.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nomar Retires!

yeah, yeah, I'm sure none of you New Yorkers care much about this, but Nomar Garciapara... one of my favorite Red Sox retired today, and with who else BUT the Red Sox. =)

Ahhh.. ain't life sweet? I mean obviously he would want to retire with such a dignified and well respected team, who wouldn't?! Nomar signed a one day contract with the sox so that he could retire with the team he loved most. Boston has always said that Nomar is always friendly and appreciative when he sees people around the city. Not cocky or rude... like Beckett (don't get me wrong, love the guy and he wears my number) But Nomar has always been a great kid, plus he's married to soccer legend Mia Hamm. no biggie, just legends all around.

Why is Nomar so great? Well besides the fact that he isn't the cutest puppy in the window (But, real baseball players don't wear makeup like Arod & Jeter) He was a hustler. One thing my dad always taught me in sports was if you want to get noticed, you hustle. And boy did Nomar hustle. He didn't jog to first because he knew he was going to be out, he ran like the wind because that was his job. Yeah I don't know too many statistics with baseball and other sports, but I know my players.. and I loved Nomar.

(By the way... don't try to tell me that I was too young to watch him play on the Sox. I'm 20 years old and I remember him plain as day on the team. Granted I was young, but I would remember that nose anyday.)


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ok Go at it Again!

Remember the craze over that perfectly timed dance routine on treadmills a few years back? Better yet. Don't remember that slow-mo dance routine recorded in a backyard. The one released by the same band even before the treadmills? Well, they're at it again with their damned crazy video antics.

Hailing from Chi-town USA, the band OK GO may be better known for their well choreographed music videos, than their music itself. Gaining international fame after releasing homemade videos of themselves dancing to their music in the early 2000's, the band became a YouTube sensation receiving millions of hits on their video's in just days. While you might have just begun to think they were long gone, OK GO has just released a new video for their single "This Too Shall Pass." The video that is gaining the mass attention is the Rube Goldberg-esque short made for the song that involves tons of bells, whistles, marbles and dominoes, that seemingly all coincide with the emotions of the song. While single shot film's are one of the bragging points OK GO has claimed, I have since heard rumors that this new video has cuts in it (not at all taking away from this genius music video). If the band does decide they still want to claim their video's are done in one take, they can just use the original idea they filmed for "This Too Shall Pass," which was done in a single shot with over one hundred members of a marching band. You can watch that video here, which is still listed as the official video for the song . The contraption used in the "Rube" version was apparently created by a team of engineers and has become yet another youtube sensation for the midwest band, currently based out of Los Angeles.
While personally I give their music a B- rating, nobody can deny the visual genius of this band and the entertainment they provide with the release of each of the videos.

Here's the video for "This Too Shall Pass"

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tillikum Strikes... again.

Unfortunately Tillikum the Killer Whale has killer his beloved trainer Dawn Brancheau. Dawn worked with this whale for about 17 years and never really had a problem. Sea World is looking into what could have been the reason why a whale that she has worked with for so long would do such a thing. Apparently, she laid down on her back on a submerged shelf alongside the pool's edge, for whales this is a very vulnerable position and Sea World experts think that her ponytail drifted in the water by Tillikum and he snatched it and dragged her under. The place where Tillikum used to be kept was Sealand in B.C. where he also killed a trainer there. The owner who gave Tillikum to them told them not to let Tillikum be used in any acts. He was to be used for breeding purposes only. Clearly that didn't happen. This whale also killed another man who apparently snuck into the park after hours and jumped into the tank where Tillikum killed him. The owner of SeaWorld stated that they are not going to put this whale into retirement, but are not sure if they are going to let him be in any more acts. After further investigations are made about the death of Dawn they will make some further decisions.

Well, here's my take on this story. Clearly the death of this trainer is horrible and she did nothing wrong. It just should have been stopped before. Once the man from SeaLand sent Tillikum to SeaWorld after he already killed a trainer they should have set up a set of rules when dealing with this particular whale. Tillikum is an animal and all animals are unpredictable. I hope they don't put this whale into retirement or punishment or whatever they are going to call it because this fuckin whale has not a clue what just happened. It's a like a pitbull attack, one minute they can be the sweetest dogs ever and then the next they rip your head off. Well, anyways- RIP Dawn Brancheau.. the whales and us will miss you.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Norway Should Be Declared Olympic Champions.

There have been some nice stories in these Olympics. From the US hockey team's upset of Canada to Bode Miller to Shaun White, American's have had a hell of a time in Vancouver. However, one country has seriously outdone us, as well as every other country in the world. That country is Norway.
Currently Norway is sitting in third place in the medal count with 18 medals. Only Germany and the USA have more medals.

However, Norway's world domination doesn't end with its 18 medals. No, its recent success transcends the Olympic Games.

Team Norway would easily win 4,000 gold medals for how cool their curling team's pants are. They are the definitiond of swag. I'm pretty sure those pants are the piece of clothing I covet the most. However, Norway's coolness doesn't end with a pair of knickers.

Tore Vikingstad is a 34 year old forward who plays for Team Norway. That's right, Tore Vikingstad. Vikingstad is hands down the best last name in history. Also, Tore is a pretty dope first name.

Lastly, Erik the Red is pretty cool.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Best Music Video of All-Time?

What happens when you put the RZA, Lil' Jon, Joe Jonas, and Jake Gyllenhaal together on a tennis court? This does:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

To All Of Our Loved Ones.

Yo Iran, Chill Out.

While major anti-government protests were predicted for Thursday to coincide with Iran’s 31st anniversary celebration of the revolution, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad successfully overshadowed dissidents with scare tactics, a large pro-government rally, and a news-making announcement that Iran is now a “nuclear state.” Iranian hardliners went so far to stifle opposition that they attacked dissident leaders, including the wife of Mir-Hossein Mousavi.

Mir-Hossein Mousavi was approaching Azadi Square, where Ahmadinejad gave his speech, when he was surrounded by baton wielding plainclothes militia, and wasn't able to join the people, according to an opposition web site,

His wife, Zahra Rahnavard, who took the unlikely step of campaigning with her husband last year, was allegedly surrounded and beaten with batons on the head and shoulder. But protestors formed a circle around her and escorted her away. She's safe now, according to Kalame.

The only time having a baton in one's hand is if a person is in a marching band, even then, having a baton in your hand is a cry for help. Baton twirling itself is about as asinine as an activity can get. That being said, hitting people with batons is pretty funny. But seriously Iran, simmer down.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Snow Day

No one wants to write about the snow days we've been having??! I will take it upon myself to discuss these wonderful occurances that SHU has been giving us lately. The blackout a few weeks ago was very successful cancelling school because of a power outage. We got delayed a week ago from 2 inches of snow that fell to the ground, mostly because southern Connecticut doesn't know how to handle a little snow. Last night, as I read the forecast and watched the news I realized how inevitable it was that there was another storm coming our way. Snow days in college seem to be more of an uproar than snow days in high school or middle school. As I was walking through the halls yesterday, all I kept hearing about was that there may be a snow day tomorrow! With 2 grueling classes on Wednesday for me, I hoped and prayed all I could that we were not going to have school. Last night, deciding whether or not to write my paper and study for my 2 quizzes, I checked the online forecast about 54 times. I decided against the homework/studying idea and headed over to my friends room to start drinking. The second we hear anything of snow or an electrical mishap- we strap on our beer goggles and get goin'. I did, however, start to get a little nervous when I still did not see any snow around 1 am. I figured the weather men, once again, made a mistake and we were all dooped.

But after I fell asleep and prayed to the gods above- I woke up at 9 and looked outside, LOW AND BEHOLD- snow. I got 2 texts from friends letting me know that classes were cancelled so I didn't feel the need to read my emails and I fell right back asleep. I woke up around 10 am again to snowballs being pelted off the side of my window and knew it was time to get up. See, when you have snowdays in college it takes you back to those mystical, wondrous days back in middle or high school where you would grab your sled and hit the hills. But we are here, drinking our faces off the night before and even some, the day of. Infact, I've already gotten 3 texts asking to drink today and it's 12:11PM. Even so, we aren't even sure if we have tomorrow off yet. So why would we even drink? That would be like drinking on a Sunday, but I guess that's normal for some of you.

Anyways- point is, I'm 20 years old and haven't been more excited about a snow day in a long time. My no homework/studying last night lucked out. But, instead of the sleds and snow gear, we have vodka and more beer.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Best Ad Campaign of All-Time?

One reason that so many people love the Super Bowl so much is for the commercials. In fact, a good portion of those who do watch the big game just watch for the advertisements.

Today is Super Bowl Monday. Meaning all the hoopla is over with. However, today I saw one of the best commercials I've ever seen. Since then, I have looked up other commercials from the campaign.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

the Blackout

There's a certain mystic about living a portion of your life that you will later have no recollection of. Common to most college crazies, the blackout is ever so popular in youthful vitality. Don't get me wrong though, I am not a fan; but it happens (more so than i'd like). Usually I wake up perplexed with an aching headache and a tummy in flux. I then peek around to adjust to my whereabouts, because lets be honest, I was not on this tangible earth the previous night. Thereafter I check for my wallet, phone, keys and card, in that order.
On this particular morning, I found none of the above, even my jacket was not in the goddamn room. I woke up in a drunken haze which must've been a bit loud as it woke up my fellow roomates. At the present moment I am still without my belongings but I am hoping it is in that locked room of that blue house I, rather, someone else was at last night. I guess it's the liquer that does it to me; I only remember those rum and cokes we had in the dorm and nothing else. So now I go and await my future...actually as these words are written my roomate Lucas got a phone jacket (and hopefully my otha shit) is hanging on the outside knob of the blue house.

So tah tah enjoy the big game today, and remember, that you can't remember when your blackout out. The choice is up to you...and the bottle.

Friday, February 5, 2010

NCAA Tournament shakeup?

My favorite four sports days of the year are the first four days of March Madness. Most people I know love watching the David's of the NCAA Basketball world toppling the Goliaths. Bucknell over Kansas, Hampton over Iowa State, Northwestern State over Iowa; who doesn't love seeing the Cinderella team dance their way into the sweet 16 or elite 8? The Gonzaga squads from the beginning of the this millennium always found a way as a 10 seed or lower to upset ranked teams on their way into the sweet 16, really putting the spotlight on the mid major conferences. This is what I live for in those four days where I do my best not to get out of my pajamas all day, and spend so much time on the couch that it takes a week for my contours to disappear from the couch cushions. March Madness on Demand has become my best friend so I am no longer at the mercy of whoever is at the controls at CBS.

So with Selection Sunday a little over a month away I found a very interesting article that will tickle the fancy of every March Madness fanatic such as myself who loves the upset. This article is claiming that an expansion of the field from 65 teams to 96 teams is a "done deal." This is great news for me because it will include an extra 31 teams, at least one extra day of madness, and much more potential for crazy upsets. Some people might think this expansion as overkill, but personally I love the idea. I am attaching the link for the article, and feel free to leave your own views on the potential expansion, I would definitely like to hear what everyone else thinks about the possible expansion.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Gonna Miss It.

Life moves quick. I can't believe this will end up being the last season of Lost. A show that has been a part of my life since its premiere during my freshman year of high school (2004), is coming to an end. It is one of the last things that remain from my high school years. Its a wake up call, to me at least, of how fast life moves.

Should be one fucking awesome season though.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Unsung Heroes of Transit System

Everyday, I take the New York City subway to work. It’s also not a secret that the New York City subway system is littered with street performers. Many of the performers are commissioned by the Music Under New York program that’s set up by the MTA. Some are commissioned by local churches to preach about the horrors that await you on judgment day. However, there are still plenty of performers who do it for the thrill. Sure they throw a hat in front of them and ask you to “donate,” but what’s a few cents to hear a seemingly poor person crank out some tunes on an electric guitar and amp accompanied by a beat on an iPod? And let’s not forget the group of individuals who enter a subway car with a bongo, start dancing, and are finished with enough time to not only impress you with their skill but ask for donations to their “youth group” before exiting the subway a station later. At times I’m impressed by the skill of some of these performers, and sometimes I’m appaled by it. However, there are three along my particular route that I feel deserve special mention. For (mostly) good and bad reason.

#3. The Boar

Is this his name? Probably not, but I gave it to him because he resembles…yup, you guessed it…a boar. I know; it’s terrible and offensive, but I’m gonna roll with it. He also rocks a pony tail similar to Randolph from Free Willy. Anyways, The Boar plays for the idealogical reason that I’ve come up with in my head: the thrill. He has no sign or plea, but sets up shop along a construction site and starts blasting the same 2 chords on an acoustic guitar that has many holes in it. In fact, I would not be surprised if this was a “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” kind of situation. So The Boar blasts a C chord followed by an G chord repeatedly. What’s better is that he tries to pull off making it seem like he’s performing "Master Exploder" So by now you may be asking “well what song is he playing? Is it an original piece?” And the answer to that is: I have no idea. I’m assuming it is because after listening to this gentlemen for months now, I am yet to understand a single lyric. I have come to the conclusion that he is not singing any words, but rather sounds like the result of someone plugging their nose, sticking out their tongue, and saying “ahhhhh.” I do want the best for him, and I hope he one DAY finds the words to SAY what he MAY be feeling inside. That should be his bridge.

#2 Luke Ryan

Luke is a guitarist that is commissioned in the MUNY program. He usually performs underneath Grand Central Terminal by the S train, and has more of a Southern twang sound. Unlike The Boar, however, Luke is actually not too bad. He breaks out a few smooth solos and accompanies them with some warm riffage. He also has CD’s available for purchase (I have not bought one…yet). What makes him so unique though is his character. For one, he looks like a combination of Rocco from The Boondock Saints with a biker vest and Mick Foley. Next, he has a sign with him at all times that reads “Too Weird To Live, Too Mean To Die.” I don’t know about you, but a guy that carries a (almost) Hunter S. Thompson quote with him must be, at the very least, intriguing. Not to mention the names of his songs being things like “Weasel Slapper.” Lastly, in between songs, Luke talks to the crowd with the same personality as the guy running the water shooting game at a carnival. I’m not talking about the dunking booth guy that purposely gets you pissed off so you spend more money. I’m talking about the water shooting guy that delivers compliments in a creepy voice and makes you wonder what exactly his intentions are (i.e. at a couple: “hey guy, c’mon and win a prize for your girlfriend. She’s got a backside that deserves one.”). When Luke talks to the crowd, especially to women who are appalled by him, it’s nothing short of hilarious. If you see him, he may offer you the opportunity to guess his weight for a nickel or partake in a conga line. Rock on, Luke.

# 1 The Apparition

I have seen him twice, maybe three times, but once I wanted to hear his music again and try to pin down what he sounds like, he was gone. TA (as he will be known for now) is the best musician I’ve heard in the subway system…ever. From what I remember of him, he wielded an acoustic guitar and had a very depressed tone in his music. Think Johnny Cash's version of "Hurtwith a voice between Mr. Cash and Sufjan Stevens. What makes his tale even better his that he would ONLY play music when facing a column! When turned around and facing people, he would simply stand there, but after a quick break he would turn back around, face steel, and break out into melody. As I said, I’ve only had the pleasure two or three times before he pulled a Keyser Soze and vanished. Believe me, if he comes back, I’ll be excited.

Where did you go???


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