Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nomar Retires!

yeah, yeah, I'm sure none of you New Yorkers care much about this, but Nomar Garciapara... one of my favorite Red Sox retired today, and with who else BUT the Red Sox. =)

Ahhh.. ain't life sweet? I mean obviously he would want to retire with such a dignified and well respected team, who wouldn't?! Nomar signed a one day contract with the sox so that he could retire with the team he loved most. Boston has always said that Nomar is always friendly and appreciative when he sees people around the city. Not cocky or rude... like Beckett (don't get me wrong, love the guy and he wears my number) But Nomar has always been a great kid, plus he's married to soccer legend Mia Hamm. no biggie, just legends all around.

Why is Nomar so great? Well besides the fact that he isn't the cutest puppy in the window (But, real baseball players don't wear makeup like Arod & Jeter) He was a hustler. One thing my dad always taught me in sports was if you want to get noticed, you hustle. And boy did Nomar hustle. He didn't jog to first because he knew he was going to be out, he ran like the wind because that was his job. Yeah I don't know too many statistics with baseball and other sports, but I know my players.. and I loved Nomar.

(By the way... don't try to tell me that I was too young to watch him play on the Sox. I'm 20 years old and I remember him plain as day on the team. Granted I was young, but I would remember that nose anyday.)


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