Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ok Go at it Again!

Remember the craze over that perfectly timed dance routine on treadmills a few years back? Better yet. Don't remember that slow-mo dance routine recorded in a backyard. The one released by the same band even before the treadmills? Well, they're at it again with their damned crazy video antics.

Hailing from Chi-town USA, the band OK GO may be better known for their well choreographed music videos, than their music itself. Gaining international fame after releasing homemade videos of themselves dancing to their music in the early 2000's, the band became a YouTube sensation receiving millions of hits on their video's in just days. While you might have just begun to think they were long gone, OK GO has just released a new video for their single "This Too Shall Pass." The video that is gaining the mass attention is the Rube Goldberg-esque short made for the song that involves tons of bells, whistles, marbles and dominoes, that seemingly all coincide with the emotions of the song. While single shot film's are one of the bragging points OK GO has claimed, I have since heard rumors that this new video has cuts in it (not at all taking away from this genius music video). If the band does decide they still want to claim their video's are done in one take, they can just use the original idea they filmed for "This Too Shall Pass," which was done in a single shot with over one hundred members of a marching band. You can watch that video here, which is still listed as the official video for the song . The contraption used in the "Rube" version was apparently created by a team of engineers and has become yet another youtube sensation for the midwest band, currently based out of Los Angeles.
While personally I give their music a B- rating, nobody can deny the visual genius of this band and the entertainment they provide with the release of each of the videos.

Here's the video for "This Too Shall Pass"

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