Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Liveblog from PSC 142: Western Political Theory from Plato to Hobbes

So I just finished my last class in my collegiate career this past December, and I figured I would liveblog from my last class ever.

6:30 Class starts.

6:34 I arrive four minutes late...right on time.

6:37 4 people have arrived after me, this is unacceptable, I am almost always the last person to class, except for weird glasses girl, who consistently shows up at 7 for a 6:30 class.

6:39 Professor is talking about sororities.

6:40 We are hearing about her innumerable traffic violations for the umpteenth time, but she is one of the best drivers in Great Neck (self-proclaimed, I am waiting on verification)

6:44 75% of our class is in attendance, about 40% above the norm.

6:45 She is telling us the exact same story from last week, word for word, impressive.

6:50 The kid in my class who is the poster child for nerds everywhere just left, and I want to knock his books off of his desk.

6:52 I refrain

6:55 Nerd boy returns, he was probably reorganizing his pens in his backpack

6:56 8 people have now entered after me, this is probably because we have our term paper due today, weird glasses girl is still a no show.

7:00 7 people are on their laptops, excluding myself. 5 on facebook (one on Farmville) 1 playing poker and one actually taking notes. 3 people sleeping, 2 side conversations, and 2 gingers here, I think they are twins, gingers scare me.

7:06 A girl with a voice deeper than mine just said she thinks about indigestion when she eats. I don’t know how many more ways she could turn a person off.

7:09 When did we decide that raising hands to answer questions in college was a bad idea?

7:10 We just started the fourth and final book in our syllabus with 45 minutes left in our last class, no joke

7:17 We are now on Ch. 6 of Hobbes Leviathan. Just over a chapter a minute thus far, maybe we will get out early

7:18 Side story (Americas smartest shopper), we’re not getting out early

7:19 Smarty Pants Metro Mcgoo just stolled in as the 9th person A.D. (After David)

7:22 We have commenced talking about the different types of zombies

7:25 the second person just left early, I want to leave, but then this blog would be incomplete

7:26 We are on chapter 13, I think I missed something while I was watching my neighbor post on Cindy’s wall. I can’t wait til finals are over either neighbor

7:31 24 minutes left in my last class at Hofstra University (hopefully)

7:33 One of the gingers left for the bathroom, a few moments of peace, it is ironic that she left just as Professor Feldman mentioned Salem witches.

7:36 Ginger girl is back, she looks unhappy, that makes me happy

7:43 the entire row against the wall is asleep

7:46 Single digits left in my final class at this place

7:47 Professor is looking for a quote that took her an hour to find the other night, I am not a particularly organized person, but wouldn’t it make sense to maybe mark the spot?

7:50 The window to this class is always open, but the temperature remains around a cool 90 degrees, I think this may be a portal to hell.

7:51 my last class here is dismissed.

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