Sunday, February 7, 2010

the Blackout

There's a certain mystic about living a portion of your life that you will later have no recollection of. Common to most college crazies, the blackout is ever so popular in youthful vitality. Don't get me wrong though, I am not a fan; but it happens (more so than i'd like). Usually I wake up perplexed with an aching headache and a tummy in flux. I then peek around to adjust to my whereabouts, because lets be honest, I was not on this tangible earth the previous night. Thereafter I check for my wallet, phone, keys and card, in that order.
On this particular morning, I found none of the above, even my jacket was not in the goddamn room. I woke up in a drunken haze which must've been a bit loud as it woke up my fellow roomates. At the present moment I am still without my belongings but I am hoping it is in that locked room of that blue house I, rather, someone else was at last night. I guess it's the liquer that does it to me; I only remember those rum and cokes we had in the dorm and nothing else. So now I go and await my future...actually as these words are written my roomate Lucas got a phone jacket (and hopefully my otha shit) is hanging on the outside knob of the blue house.

So tah tah enjoy the big game today, and remember, that you can't remember when your blackout out. The choice is up to you...and the bottle.

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