Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Snow Day

No one wants to write about the snow days we've been having??! I will take it upon myself to discuss these wonderful occurances that SHU has been giving us lately. The blackout a few weeks ago was very successful cancelling school because of a power outage. We got delayed a week ago from 2 inches of snow that fell to the ground, mostly because southern Connecticut doesn't know how to handle a little snow. Last night, as I read the forecast and watched the news I realized how inevitable it was that there was another storm coming our way. Snow days in college seem to be more of an uproar than snow days in high school or middle school. As I was walking through the halls yesterday, all I kept hearing about was that there may be a snow day tomorrow! With 2 grueling classes on Wednesday for me, I hoped and prayed all I could that we were not going to have school. Last night, deciding whether or not to write my paper and study for my 2 quizzes, I checked the online forecast about 54 times. I decided against the homework/studying idea and headed over to my friends room to start drinking. The second we hear anything of snow or an electrical mishap- we strap on our beer goggles and get goin'. I did, however, start to get a little nervous when I still did not see any snow around 1 am. I figured the weather men, once again, made a mistake and we were all dooped.

But after I fell asleep and prayed to the gods above- I woke up at 9 and looked outside, LOW AND BEHOLD- snow. I got 2 texts from friends letting me know that classes were cancelled so I didn't feel the need to read my emails and I fell right back asleep. I woke up around 10 am again to snowballs being pelted off the side of my window and knew it was time to get up. See, when you have snowdays in college it takes you back to those mystical, wondrous days back in middle or high school where you would grab your sled and hit the hills. But we are here, drinking our faces off the night before and even some, the day of. Infact, I've already gotten 3 texts asking to drink today and it's 12:11PM. Even so, we aren't even sure if we have tomorrow off yet. So why would we even drink? That would be like drinking on a Sunday, but I guess that's normal for some of you.

Anyways- point is, I'm 20 years old and haven't been more excited about a snow day in a long time. My no homework/studying last night lucked out. But, instead of the sleds and snow gear, we have vodka and more beer.

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