Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tillikum Strikes... again.

Unfortunately Tillikum the Killer Whale has killer his beloved trainer Dawn Brancheau. Dawn worked with this whale for about 17 years and never really had a problem. Sea World is looking into what could have been the reason why a whale that she has worked with for so long would do such a thing. Apparently, she laid down on her back on a submerged shelf alongside the pool's edge, for whales this is a very vulnerable position and Sea World experts think that her ponytail drifted in the water by Tillikum and he snatched it and dragged her under. The place where Tillikum used to be kept was Sealand in B.C. where he also killed a trainer there. The owner who gave Tillikum to them told them not to let Tillikum be used in any acts. He was to be used for breeding purposes only. Clearly that didn't happen. This whale also killed another man who apparently snuck into the park after hours and jumped into the tank where Tillikum killed him. The owner of SeaWorld stated that they are not going to put this whale into retirement, but are not sure if they are going to let him be in any more acts. After further investigations are made about the death of Dawn they will make some further decisions.

Well, here's my take on this story. Clearly the death of this trainer is horrible and she did nothing wrong. It just should have been stopped before. Once the man from SeaLand sent Tillikum to SeaWorld after he already killed a trainer they should have set up a set of rules when dealing with this particular whale. Tillikum is an animal and all animals are unpredictable. I hope they don't put this whale into retirement or punishment or whatever they are going to call it because this fuckin whale has not a clue what just happened. It's a like a pitbull attack, one minute they can be the sweetest dogs ever and then the next they rip your head off. Well, anyways- RIP Dawn Brancheau.. the whales and us will miss you.

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