Thursday, December 31, 2009

a Rebuttle to: a Snacktacular Snack

Michael, my dear blogger, I know I haven't stood up to my blogging ability like we all should, but I thought this blog would help my effort. My mind is racing all over as should every 19-20 somethings should,, this is a weird time!! but anyway life should be good (hopefullY) for everyone theres a lot of good people out there. i'm temporarily held up on these bose headphones they've turned me into a glowing toneeee (haha i totally rhyme)/

shit. i must hold up. i started this blog entry to discuss a specific thing. yes this cheez it snack. its got everyone wack. yes another rhyme. my apologizes. but let me me indulge. Michael, you said this snack was versatile. how so? when you think about a cheez it snack it grabs you by the bite. the sharp cheese bite. countless others and myself continually report whilst sober or more often than not non sober the idea that this cheese snack attacks you. the cheez-it absorbs. it enslaves and takes total control; once engulfed the psyche thinks they have reached the perfect part time snacky snack, but WRONG!!! indeed i have researched and does. i'm not gonna give you a bogus number but i can tell you from a prior suburban standpoint and a college standpoint that the cheez-it enslaves!!! i think i have gotten my point across and myself but thats beyond myself for reals i,m glad i extended myself to this cyber world its not to often that one (me) gets streched out. sorry, bros, some old school moon and antarctica modest mouse is coming thru and i hafta roll thru hope ya'll have had a good night despite this ridiculous height (another rhyme!!!) .

think about it. you love the cheez-it. you adore it. the best thing you've ever tasted. but then again you think about it. you weren't thinking of a cheez it previously to defeat your hunger. you would never have thought about it.finally hits you: THEY DON'T TASTE GOOD BUT I JUST WANT TO EAT MORE!!

yes mike, your right, there versatile. the way they mix up there intentions makes me mention: check your teeth aft

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