Sunday, December 13, 2009

some sad goodbyes

I'm sure people were expecting a goodbye blog to our fellow friends here at school, although they won't be leaving forever (because of visits of course)they won't be here everyday like the rest of us shmucks -I think that's how you spell it. So I thought I would post something today in memory of our friends leaving SHU, and because I'm too lazy to start studying in the library.
It's sad to think that one of my BEST friends in this world will be leaving after this semester to go home- Kassy. She always lit up the room with adorable smile- or mean/drunken smirk she would give random people in the room. (I know this sounds like an obituary, but I don't care) Kass has this remarkable personality that I have never seen in another person before. She can turn my day from sucking so hard to making me roll around on the floor laughing, in a matter of seconds- there's not too many people in the world that can do that to me, haha. I've met a number of great people here at SHU, but when I met Kassy on the night before my birthday last year, it's changed my life since then. She's done me many favors as I have done for her too, but she would drop anything in a second if I needed help. Although I have taken care of her drunken ass many nights- I loved every second of it, as well as recorded every second of it (I would never show anyone though- it's only for us to laugh at). Some favorite moments you ask? Well..
Her countless nights on the dog bed because he bed was bunked too high for her drunk ass to climb up on and late night trips to Merrit (me driving, and Matt riding shotgun) with Kass singing obnoxiously loud in the back, then suddenly soundless- face planted in the seat. Day parties in the silly suite playing knee hockey and random nights celebrating that our exams were over for the week (more excuses to get drunk). Mike driving Soltisha's car with me and Kass in the back going to Mcdonalds and blasting Blink182. I will miss the giant sweatshirts she has from her brother, because it was mostly what I chose to wear everyday. Recording obnoxious videos of us mouthing the words to Queen and then posting it all over facebook for the world to see. Bagel trips in the morning to get not one, but two bagels just because we thought the bagels were too small (validating our fatness). Me making egg and cheeses on Thursday mornings for us. Playing pong in eckart. Dave Matthews band concert and me dying in the car when my Dad picked us up, but still didn't tell my mom that I yacked all over her front seat. Slightly Stoopid concert and me dying on the dirt and throwing up in Jared's car, (I don't mix well with concerts, baaai concerts). - side note- everytime I see the word concert, I think concerta... is that bad? I'll miss cakefarts and movie nights. Basically it's gonna be really hard to see Kass go, but we know she'll be back to visit because working in the bowling alley is gunna get old real fast. (just kidding, love u) You mean a lot to us Kass, cheers to you, dad :)

Kiefer and Rob- I'll miss you guys a lot. I'm going to leave this one open ended because I'm sure one of your fellow silly suiters will want to write something for you guys. Rob- I will miss your mojo (and I mean that in both terms). Day 1 in Seton, everyone was curious as to WHO Rob Coloney was, his 25,000 songs amazed everyone in our building. He has an amazing singing voice and an enormous TV that I'm sure everyone will miss. I will miss the neatness of his room and his hot dad. I will miss his radio show- but I won't miss his loving of the Yankees or any New York sports for that matter, :). Rob, you better visit soon. QUEEFER- I'll miss your love for Boston and that we both love Will Wilson and Twaaaanks. We'll miss your nickname- QUEEFER and we'll miss your smile, because if I do say- it's the best one in the world. I'll personally miss of your awesome tattoos and I'll miss that we both love that wonderful 4 letter word that leads to trails behind Jhill or a golf course?

You guys are awesome, never change and visit lots!


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