Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Tonight Show With Jerry Seinfeld?

There have been rumors circulating around Hollywood that Conan O'Brien's disappointing transition into the 'Tonight Show' may lead to him losing his job as host of the late night talk show. According to, NBC reports a 52% loss in viewership in just one year. All parties are still denying the rumors, but Seinfeld has a great relationship with NBC and would definitely boost ratings.

Conan does have a few things that may help him out in the long run. The first being that David Letterman has seen a boost in ratings over the past year because of the Sarah Palin fiasco, as well as the blackmail controversy. The second being that Conan has only been on since June and he could still be figuring his new audience out. Another thing that may help Conan's case is that Conan got off to a very slow start as host of "Late Night" so he could just be a slow starter. He could also argue that giving Jay Leno a show at 10 PM is a ratings killer for him, by giving Leno a show, NBC shot itself in the foot a little bit because all of Leno's old viewers can just tune in a little earlier and don't need to stay up for their late night fix.

It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

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