Monday, November 9, 2009

Be Kind, Rewind!

So over the past 3 semesters I've realized that our generation loves computers. I think that every single class i've been to throughout my college career, at least one person is sitting in the back flipping through their new facebook photos from that "siqqq 3kegger" the past saturday night. Don't get me wrong, i have no problems with the internets or computers in general, but come on folks let's use them with a little more appropriately. The one aspect that i'm going to focus on though is specifically in class when notes are being taken. Call me old fashioned but i personally like to write my notes in a notebook. I don't know why, but i feel its just easier and more efficient. I don't care if you want to type your notes into word, that also is fine with me. The thing that gets me though, man, is when teachers give their class powerpoint presentations in advance, and people download them to their computer and print them out. First of all, those things are like 18 pages long. Who wants to waste 18 pages worth of ink and not to mention the 18 pages of paper. If you're going to sit on your laptop all class, why not just open the presentation on your computer? Besides the trees that you are killing, you look like an idiot. In my art history class, there's a girl who sits in front of me who every class decides to print out our powerpoint. On EVERY slide there is a large picture of some old Vase or Mosc along with facts about the piece of art. Think about how much ink is wasted there! Don't tell me things like, "oh it makes me more prepared for class" and "i learn so much better with it." No, you don't. I'm so sure walking to the print lab and standing on line to print out 30 pages and then throw them in a binder is going to help you get the material down pat. Why not just open it up on your laptop instead?? Would it kill you if you couldn't be on facebook for 45 minutes out of your day? It doesn't make you look more "studious" or anything like that, you just look dumb. So please stop. That is all

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