Monday, November 9, 2009

Hello Cyber-Expression

I've held the general opinion that blogs aren't an effective means of expression or an interesting form of conversing, but hell i'll try anything once ( I guess my main problem with blogs is ive assumed the prevalence of rather in depth descriptions of personal experiences or opinions that end up overly introspective/conceited. Here in the the common room, as our cyperspace club is appropriately named, things sound a little more multi-dimensional with some giving and taking goin down. So, figured id begin by giving all you fans out there some of my recent dylan faves from youtube you hopefully havent seen, with first a great outtake from eat the document -- straight sexy

next percy's song which youve prolly heard joan baez sings on dont look back

a nice 1965 era rocker with a great refrain

and an alternate rare visions of johanna with a distinct feel

one more-- bonus track "old hollywood" for those loving phrazes for the young

hopefully these links work and you haven't heard, and will enjoy, at least one of these.

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