Monday, November 9, 2009

Straight Chilling.

My roommate is not sleeping here tonight, which means that I have this simple cubicle to myself for the evening. While it does suck that I won't be pillow-chatting tonight, it does mean I have a license to chill for the whole night.

This year I have a new found respect for chilling. Chilling goes beyond sitting on a coach and munching out to a movie, TV, or playing a video game. When one is totally chilling, they are in an existential dream. For when one is chilling or lounging out, he or she knows that from the moment they hit the point where they are totally comfortable with where there life is in that exact moment to the moment they decide to snap out of chill mode, nothing is going to bother them.

It is peculiar the types of things one can take for granted in life, I used to take chilling for granted (I also used to take Cheez-Its for granted but that is another story for another time). Now, after seeing so many people around me start to take themselves too seriously, I have realized that they have lost their license to chill and will regret spending so much of their allotted time being uptight and anxious. And, I do not want that to happen to me. So I am taking life slow these days, one chill session at a time.

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