Thursday, November 19, 2009

Playdates: A Nostalgic Trip Back To My Younger Years.

I loved play dates. Loved 'em. Everything about them to me was so innocent and wonderful. However one play date in my long history of play dates reigns supreme over the rest. It was a nice Spring day in 3rd grade and it was gym time. After a nice round of Tom and Jerry me and two friends slaked our thirst at the water fountain. While on line, a girl came behind me on line. She complemented me on my play and we went our separate ways. When gym was over we met up again. She asked me if I wanted to play kickball on her team at recess (the modern day equivalent of an absolute smoke show asking for my number at a bar or something, maybe I peaked at a very early age). Obviously I acquiesce her request and play kick ball. Now my memory is a little fuzzy here but I was a force at kick ball. I used to put on more clinics than a Baptist Church in Inner City Detroit. So, with that in mind my stats were probably something like this: 6 for 6 with 4 home runs, a triple, and a double. Most likely I drove in somewhere between 18-22 runs. In the field I probably put on a show as well, but we don't need to get mixed up in stats really. So anyways, after I went bonkers in kick ball me and this fine young lady got to talking. She told me that we should set up a play date after school. We decided it would be a good idea and that we would go home and then set it up. So, when the day ended and I went home I immediately asked my mom to call this girl's mom and see if we could have a play date. My mother played wingman for me and got out the PTA phonebook and gave this girl's mom a ring. When the conversation ended I looked at my mom with eager eyes and she told me that this girl was going to come over for a play date. Well to make a long story short this girl and I had a wonderful play date, played some soccer in the yard, watched some full house, probably ate some pizza bagels, and sent her on her merry way. Needless to say, this girl developed into one of the hotter girls in my neighborhood and soon enough she stopped recognizing my existence. Girls suck. But anyways, the reason I bring this up is I saw someone mention play dates on my Facebook news feed today, it made me think of how great they were. One mom calls another and sets up a play date with someone who you won't be friends with in a couple of weeks, most likely because they won't share their new Tonka Truck with you. Nowadays, kids don't need to do any work to have a play date. They just text their buddies from their Blackberry and boom, its done. Back when the days were good, we had to work for our play dates. I guess thats what made them that much sweeter.

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