Monday, November 9, 2009

summertime blues and cousin it

well, hello internet!! yea!!!! i am jay,mac and i/m currently residing in my comfortable quad here in wonderfully nested Scranton Pa. The unusual good weather of clear skies and 65 degree weather here today got me thinking summertime. not that that matters or anything. but it so happened that after my routine vap tonight i happened to pick up the most recent issue of Rolling Stone and i just happened to flip to a page about this psychedelic early 60s band Blue Cheer and that so happened to pull me to youtube to naturally get visual and audio of this band. my inquisitive quest did not disappoint. i fell upon this Eddie Cochran "Summertime blues" cover. Enjoy, reminisce, anticipate, whatever you will, this gets you into that summertime feel. oh yeah, cousin itt absolutely fucks shit up on drums.

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