Monday, November 23, 2009

We are men...sort of

This post is going to be something of a confession and will leave me open to all kinds of shots at my manhood, but I feel it prudent to voice to the members and readers of The Common Room. This past Saturday morning I woke up early enough that I could flip through the channels before college football came on. College gameday was on, but unfortunately since there have been no good matchups since Halloween when USC were manhandled by Oregon and Texas won big at Oklahoma State, I really didnt want to see anything other than when Lee Corso made his choice of mascot head. This left me to flip through movies that were on. I always look to the deadly combination of TBS, TNT, USA, and FX first. Yes these channels do have commercials, but they often have some golden oldies on. What could possibly make someone's day better than a morning screening of Big Daddy or Tommy Boy? The selection on this particular morning was rather grim. One movie though, put me at a moral crossroads. There are a number of movies out there that I have trouble admitting that I like around male peers for fear of reprisal. It is one of those movies that you are flipping through the channels with a friend and this kind of movie comes on and you both look at one another and although neither of you will openly admit you want to watch it you come up with a lame excuse like "Well nothing else is on", "The remote is too far away", or relinquish the remote and tell your friend "You can change it if you want to." It is the type of movie that if you are watching alone with other people in your home you keep the remote handy so you can change the channel, so you dont have to withstand the bullyings of your mother or sister. All that said there is very little that is more gratifying than when you find out that a friend of yours enjoys the same type of movie because you can put up a united front against bullies such as your mother, sister, or sister's friends. The movie I chose to watch, and I am now proud to say I enjoy was 13 going on 30, a gem of a movie starring Mark Ruffalo as he uses his natural sage to guide former best friend Jennifer Garner back to her roots.

P.S. On a more masculine note make sure to check out the trailers for the new Scorcese movie that Ruffalo costars in alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Shutter Island.

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