Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Night Live Blog

I go to Sacred Heart University and live in a suite with 11 other guys. There’s plenty in the world to write about but from time to time I’d like to write what’s directly in front of me. This is tonight’s live-blog.

7:27 First swig and Monday nights round of Edward Forty Hand’s in the Silly Suite has begun.

7:28 Andrew Soltish has claimed to have just had the ‘key’ burp already. This may be due to the fact that he ate a Pork sandwich 5 mins before the game began. Not a good sign.

7:33 Zach is working the one handed game and is far below the label on his right hand but has a full beer in his left. The rest of the crew is working the double fist. The double-fist is my own personal strategy.

7:37 Ryan’s radio show is on in the background and surprisingly enough he is playing a lot of upbeat music, which I feel is leading to the aggressive drinking.

7:40 Zach is about 3 sips away from finishing his first forty, pretty significant for a first timer. Go Zach!

7:43 Zach is well in the lead and is 40 oz’s from freedom.

7:44 While probably in last place, Mike is easily the most entertaining during this game. He has instant messaged, neatly disposed of dirty tissues and provided family entertainment for the whole suite (all with no hands, ma!).

7:46 During this slight lull in the action (due to a boring story) I would like to mention that of all of the five participants in this game except one, Christopher Gallagher, is abiding by standard forty hands rules. However no one disputes his ways due to the fact that Chris can’t drink beer. Chris plays forty hands with two monster and vodkas. He’s disgusting.

7:54 Chris is done with his mixed drinks and has alerted us he will be returning shortly after making another mixed drink.

7:57 Emmett is pronouncing suitemate names wrong. Soltish has announced he’s drunk and Zach forgot Emmett was playing. This is when the game gets fun.

8:00 People get so loud when they drink.

8:01 I am 2 Natty’s in and it kind of sucks I don’t have any forty’s cause my friends just got drunk in 15 mins.

8:02 I’ve noticed several labored burps beginning from the “players”

8:04 Zach (our ‘hands virgin) is two sips away from finishing. I’m amazed

8:05 Emmett has been telling me for 20 mins that nobody knows how close to done he is and he will beat everyone

8:08 Emmett is in the bathroom currently bent over the bowl. I’m very surprised at my roommate.

8:08 Zach is done!

8:10 Apparently after some serious burping and some deep breaths, Emmett is still in the game, without puking.

8:11 Trash talking is big on the Leboff/Biondi team. The gossip talking is huge on the Soltish/Burpmeister team.

8:14 Biondi just held the tissue as Leboff blew his nose. That’s not teamwork that’s roommate love.

8:16 Miraculously, Leboff straggled in the finish and let both Emmett and Soltish take the win. Despite the opposition’s victory, all is not lost. Zach the first timer has surprisingly won the overall game. Congrats.

8:22 The game is over and I have a room full of drunken suitemates. It took less than 45 mins of my Monday night. That was easy and well worth it.

‘til next time all.


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