Thursday, November 26, 2009

Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving.

I find it very peculiar how the night before Thanksgiving has developed into this uber-reunion type holiday. I understand this is the only holiday that everyone in America celebrates. I get it. Everyone wants to bask in the glory of completely wiping out a race of people. But these days, people look forward to the night before Thanksgiving more than the actual holiday itself. Okay, we get it, you haven't seen your friends in a few weeks because of work or school or whatever. That is all well and good, but it is where I draw the line. As a college student I love seeing my friends from home, but I don't care about seeing kids I hate from high school and having them pretend like I was their pal. I had several kids come up to me tonight and try to talk to me about how my life has been since high school. Oh, so now you want to know how my life has been? How about the four fucking years we spent in the same building you prick. Why didn't you care then? Was I not cool enough to talk to then? Now that nostalgia plays a role you actually want to talk to me? It is so sad that people actually think that they are doing other people a favor by saying "Hey." In a public environment. I am glad that this night is over and that I don't have to see any of the kids I hated in high school for another year.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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