Monday, November 30, 2009

Intro to Microbiology LiveBlog.

-although this is already on my blog, I'm going to throw it on here because I've yet to write anything. thanks. (I'll step my game up once finals is over)

5:01 PM- The annoying, smarty pants girl Ruth is talking to Professor Kardys, AGAIN. She is always talking to him before class and she is also always wearing a blue fleece vest with tight sweatpants, EW. "Okay, let's start class."- Professor Kardys. she finally sits down.

5:02 PM- roll call. Approximately 15 girls aren’t here. And because it’s a nursing class, there are only 2 boys and about 30 girls in the class. He's handing out our graded exams- get pummmmppped.

5:03 PM- 82- YES!

5:04 PM- He's chewing gum, again. In EVERY class he chews gum, but it's not cool. I'm actually affraid to ask him questions after class because white shit gathers in the corners of his lips. EW.

5:05 PM- "I just want to get an idea, how many people are actually taking notes during this class?" -Professor Kardys. 2 people raise their hands (out of 25)... "Okay.. let's begin".

5:08 PM- He keeps staring at me so I look up at the powerpoint and pretend to be taking down the notes in a word document. (a specialty of mine).

5:09 PM- He takes a drink of water from his thermos, hopefully to remove the white slime on his mouth.

5:10 PM- We've covered one slide about pathogens and keeps asking "Does anyone need more time?", no answer.

5:11 PM- Kardys is staring at the powerpoint... and is still not acknowledging this one girl who has had her hand raised for about 2 minutes. We're not in kindergarten sweetie if you need to use the bathroom, just get up.

5:12 PM- "Does anyone need more time?"- Kardys

5:13 PM- 15 girls have their computers. 8 are on facebook, 3 are on blackboard (not for this class), 1 is playing a motorcycle game, 1 is farming, 1 is studying notes for another class, and 1 is actually taking notes.

5:15 PM- Kardys just reached up to fix the projector and his briefs just popped out, disgusting.

5:17 PM- this class sucks.

5:18 PM- Kardys just said vagina, YES!, now I will take some notes.

5:20 PM- Why do I smell raw eggs? This is a lecture classroom, no one should be smelling raw eggs. I'm scared.

5:22 PM- The lights are now on in the classroom to copy stuff off the board... not one person is even looking at it.

5:23 PM- I ask myself- if this man wants to teach us anything, then why is he just reading right off the powerpoint, that we already have on our computers. Stupid, I should just get up there and teach.

5:24 PM- Some girl just strolled into class with a coffee and a sandwich. Bitch you're 24 minutes late, who do you think you are?

5:25 PM- All 15 girl are now on facebook, (not counting me).

5:26 PM- Ruth is now staring at Kardys and nodding. Yuck, stop it. I hate people.

5:28 PM- I just noticed how funny Kardys' hair is today. I just giggled a little and 5 girls turned around and stared at me. WHAT! It's not like I interupted your note taking!

5:29 PM- If one more person coughs I swear to God.

5:30 PM- Someone decides to go to the bathroom, a conversation is taking place in the back corner about going to the liquor store, and the girl in front of me is taking a nap.

5:31 PM- Lights are back on for more notes... everyone is still on facebook.

5:32 PM- Ruth asks a question and everyone is whispering to their friends how annoying she is.

5:33 PM- Kardys' voice is just like Forrest Gump's. strange.

5:34 PM- 4 people are texting... and the girl who went to the bathroom, still isn't back.

5:36 PM- the girl next to me has long fake nails, she also has a Mac, the sound of her typing- is OBNOXIOUS.

5:37 PM- Bathroom girl arrives!

5:38 PM- Someone else decides to take a stroll to the bathroom.

5:39 PM- The boy sitting 2 rows up is playing with the lever on his chair.

5:40 PM- He pulled the one that lowers you, HAHAHAHAHAHA he just slammed the seat all the way down to the floor. loser.

5:41 PM- The girl the row diagonally has been shuffling around in her bag for about 5 minutes now looking for something.

5:42 PM- OH, just her credit card to purchase some Juicy Couture flats online. I hate rich bitches.

5:43 PM- Awkward (turtle) silene... minus fingers typing.

5:44 PM- We've already learned about phagocytosis 30 times, why on earth is it going to the topic of our final? whatever.

5:45 PM- Facebook count- 10.

5:46 PM- Ruth just blew her nose. And yes, she's one of the people who blow their nose and then look at the tissue afterwards. gross.

5:47 PM- "Does anyone need more time?"

5:49 PM- My stomach just growled loudly because I'm hungry. The girl next to me turned and stares at my stomach.

5:50 PM- The girl in front of me is packing her backpack and closing her computer. Did I miss something?

5:51 PM- Nope, didn't miss anything... she just decided to leave. Lucky.

5:52 PM- Never Let Monkeys Eat Bananas - Neutrophils, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eocinophils, Basophils. I love acronyms.

5:55 PM- Random Things in plain sight (thanks mike)
Peanut butter
turtle skeleton
about 17 blackberrys
fish tank
corn meal

5:57 PM- "Does anyone need more time?" Kardys, your entire class is in the middle of a facebook frenzy, they don't have time for notes.

6:00 PM- text from Mike: "Just made my cousin cry in Mariotennis, Kids soft" ... asshole.


6:02 PM- one girl is braiding her hair, I'm intrigued.

6:03 PM- this coughing thing has gone beyond annoying. Maybe if more than half of the SHU population didn't smoke, we wouldn't have this problem. (NEWSFLASH- cigarettes kill.)

6:05 PM- LAST SLIDE. class is almost over. Everyone's still on facebook and the only thing I remember from this class is the word- vagina. success!

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